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How to Get Involved

Getting Involved in the Section

Often Labor and Employment Law Section members express interest in becoming more involved in the Section's activities. The Section encourages all Section members to participate in the Section's different activities. To get involved in the Section's activities or to seek a leadership role, we suggest the following:

  • Attend the Section's Executive Council meetings. Executive Council meetings are held throughout the State at the site of the Section's CLE seminars. Executive Council meetings are noticed on the Section's website, in The Florida Bar News and in our Section publication, The Checkoff and are generally scheduled at the seminar site for the Thursday evening before, or during, the seminar. At Section meetings, all members in attendance are encouraged to participate in topics of discussion relative to our Section's governance. After meetings, the Section sponsors receptions where members have the ability to network and simply get to know colleagues from across the State. By attending meetings, members not only have the ability to make their positions heard about current issues, but also have the ability to become involved in the Section's various committees and planning for future seminars and presentations.
  • Ask to serve on the Section's various committees or subcommittees. If you are interested in working on a committee or subcommittee, contact the chair of the committee or subcommittee via the contact information provided in the Committee/Subcommittee portion of the Section's website. Additionally, on an annual basis the Section sends out self-nomination forms requesting that Section members advise the Section leadership of what committees they may be interested in serving on. The nomination committee makes every effort to appoint individuals to committees where they have expressed interest in participation.
  • Write articles for the The Checkoff or The Florida Bar Journal. Writing articles for our publications is beneficial to our membership as it enables our members to keep abreast of legal developments. These publications also provide members a forum to demonstrate their abilities. If you are interested in writing an article for publication, contact one of the co-chairs of the Section's Publication Subcommittee, Robert Eschenfelder or Carlo Marichal, to ascertain whether anyone else is working on the topic as well as to reserve your topic.
  • Volunteer to present at one of the Section's CLE offerings. The Section strives to recruit quality presenters from our membership for seminars and other speaking opportunities. Thus, if you are interested in presenting at a seminar, please contact the Section's Legal Education Director, David Adams, to advise him of your interest.

The Section's Nominating Committee attempts to recognize contributors to the Section by electing members to serve on the Executive Council that have demonstrated an interest in the Section by first attending meetings, serving on committees, presenting at seminars and contributing to the Section as described above.

If you would like more information regarding the Section or becoming involved in its activities, please contact one of the co-chairs of the Membership/Outreach Subcommittee, Scott Atwood or Sacha Dyson.