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Labor and Employment Law Section Hall of Fame

The Labor and Employment Law Section Hall of Fame recognition is a posthumous honor, granted only after death. Ordinarily, individuals nominated will have had significant involvement in both the Section and the active practice of labor and employment law in Florida for a substantial portion of his or her career. An individual who had a clear affinity with or connection to the Section but who was not a member may be considered if, on the whole, the individual is otherwise recognized as having had a profound and positive impact on the profession and the field of labor and employment law. To nominate someone for this distinguished recognition, complete and return the nomination form (PDF) by March 1, 2019.

Click here for the Hall of Fame Guidelines (PDF).

Hall of Fame Members

Class of 2018

James Brown (PDF)

Class of 2017

Gloria Fletcher (PDF)

Class of 2015

David V. Kornreich (PDF)

Class of 2014

Richard Harlan Frank (PDF)

Theo Hamilton (PDF)

Class of 2013

Otto R.T. Bowden Sr. (PDF)

Class of 2012 (Inaugural Class)

Granville M. Alley, Jr. (PDF)

Steven M. Bloom (PDF)

Harold A. Boire (PDF)

John M. Breckenridge, Jr. (PDF)

Charles H. Kossuth, Jr. (PDF)

Irving M. Miller (PDF)

John W. Robinson, IV (PDF)

Leo P. Rock, Jr. (PDF)

William "Bill" E. Sizemore (PDF)

Harrison “Tommy” C. Thompson, Jr. (PDF)

W. Gary Vause (PDF)